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Ed Mallett, Gus Saper, and Thomas Berg guarantee a legal team that brings experience, dedication and discretion to solving serious, and highly personal legal problems and which always puts the client's interest first. Most clients face serious criminal matters. Others are involved in business-related disputes. Many cases involve both civil and criminal issues that proceed in different courts and/or before state or federal regulatory or licensing agencies. At Mallett, Saper, Berg, you get the lawyer that you choose, beginning to end. Other attorneys may also participate, but only with the client's approval. Several times a week we review our pending cases to take advantage of our collective knowledge and experience.

While most cases are strictly local, some involve people and events that are far from our office located deep in the heart of Houston's Museum District. We have taken cases in more than half of the 244 counties in Texas. Cases have taken us to most of the 50 states, Washington, D.C. and, literally, around the world, to Brazil, Canada, Colombia, England, Mexico, Spain, Saudi Arabia and the Virgin Islands.

Confidentiality, Discretion, Mobility

Our job includes protecting your confidential communications, rights, privacy, reputation, families, money, property, and your freedom. Our experience is that most clients do not want their names in the news or their stories told by the media. We feel that the client is usually better served if our best work is never noticed by the general public. Our job is to assure the client the best result possible with the least amount of negative attention and in a way that gets the case behind them. You won't see your name or your picture on our website.

Fees and Expenses

Fees and expenses are negotiated case-by-case and confirmed by a written agreement. We accept all major credit cards.





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